How is it with our cotton?

The cotton we use

Fairtrade cotton standards are set by the independent, International organization FLOCert, which requires cotton producers from developing countries to be properly paid for their work.
The Fairtrade certificate guarantees that cotton originating in the countries of the Global South comes from crops that comply with the following social standards:

• prohibition of forced labor and child labor,
• equal treatment of men and women,
• democratic and transparent decision making in a producer organization,
• striving to increase producers’ independence and creating stimuli for development.

Companies operating within the Fairtrade system, purchasing organic cotton, are obliged to pay producers a fair price allowing small farmers to cover production costs, support their families and send children to school. They are also required to pay Fairtrade bonuses once a year for development projects supporting the local community (e.g. equipping school, hospital, well construction).

In addition, the cotton used by Fairpants is classified as ecological or Organic. Our fabric has the most respected and demanding ecological certificate in the world which is GOTS.

The guidelines according to which organic cotton is grown are: sustainable water management, a ban on the use of fertilizers and pesticides that lead to soil degradation and desertification, a ban on the use of genetically modified seeds, prevention of soil erosion, and a ban on the use of unnatural dyes in the production of cotton fabric. Organic cotton is clearly associated with environmentally friendly agriculture and health care.