Fairtrade Certification Mark

Fairtrade Certification Mark is an independent guarantee that the product was made using organic FAIRTRADE cotton and was certified in accordance with International FAIRTRADE standards, providing small farmers cultivating cotton in developing countries with long-term, stable income, fair wages and good working conditions, and an additional bonus for social projects , economic and environmental. Use of the mark is allowed after prior audit by an independent FloCert unit and ends with a certificate, which is one of the most prestigious and most difficult to obtain certificates available for organic cotton. Do you want to know more? Click the certificate icon!

Global Organic Textile Standard

The cotton fabric we use additionally has a valid GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate. It attests to the organic origin of cotton – cultivation without the use of environmentally toxic chemicals and pesticides and sustainable water management during cultivation. In addition, the standard includes a ban on the use of toxic dyes in the production of cotton material. The GOTS certificate is currently the most reliable standard in the production of organic textile materials. Do you want to know more? Click the certificate icon!